About gregory
About gregory
About gregory
About gregory
Hello, I'm Gregory – an enthusiast cook, ski lover, and proud dad to two wonderful kids.

My journey into the world of motion images began during my travels when I picked up a camera to capture fleeting moments and transform them into cherished clips. It didn't take long to realise that this was my true passion.

I started a wedding videography business from scratch in my early 20s, and since then I've dedicated myself to honing my craft. Along the way, I earned a Bachelor of Film & TV and had the privilege of documenting authentic love stories across Australia and beyond.
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For me, capturing the essence of life's most romantic moments – the joy, love, nerves, and excitement of one's wedding day – is a deeply cherished endeavour. I specialise in a timeless style that transcends trends and remains relevant through the years.
My work has been featured in esteemed publications such as The Wed, Wed Vibes, Together Journal and The Line, to name just a few.
If you're looking for someone to craft your wedding video with a personal touch, I'd be honoured to work with you. Feel free to reach out and send me an inquiry. Let's start a conversation about your unique love story.
Looking forward to connecting with you soon,
Greg xx



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How do you choose music?
When selecting the perfect music for your film, my approach is rooted in a deep understanding of your unique story. I immerse myself in the melodies accompanying your special day, paying close attention to the heartfelt vows, the ambience created by your loved ones, and the chosen location. This immersion allows me to curate a personalised musical backdrop that encapsulates the essence of your wedding day. One of my key priorities is choosing music that transcends the moment, ensuring it remains as meaningful years from now as it is today. I believe in selecting tracks that will stand the test of time, mirroring your timeless love story.
What's your favourite part of the wedding?
I don't have a favourite part of weddings, but rather my favourite moments, and they are all deeply connected to the genuine human emotions and interactions that unfold throughout the day. I hope you can see it through my work.
How long does it take to receive a film gallery?
You can expect to receive your film gallery within approximately 15 weeks. While you may obtain it halfway through this timeframe in many cases, please understand that I meticulously crafted each film individually. Sometimes, the process isn't straightforward due to the artistic aspects involved, but rest assured that I'm dedicated to delivering a high-quality and uniquely tailored product that captures the essence of your special day. Your patience will be rewarded with a film that reflects the care and attention it deserves.